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I Wish They Understand

My name is yussra i am 22 years old girl working in a company my job is very boring all my friends went to collage except me not because i am stupid no i graduate with 90% from high school and its just bad luck and i have anorexia and living in riyadh saudi arabia that makes my illness worse because i don't see or hear any one talk about it here they face and care about over weight issues not anorexia i wish my family know how its hard to struggle from that diseas they its esy its nothing more someone don't to eat or have no abatite its not its the cancer of this century please i need someone knows how i feel and what i'm dealing with every day
yoyogame yoyogame 22-25, F 2 Responses Feb 11, 2013

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i m very sad after reading ur story. i know its very difficult but i can only pray to Allah to prevent us from all evils and diseases... take care...

It's a very misunderstood illness...and YES, it's an illeness...did you find any online sites about it? I had anorexia nervosa for a down to 67 pounds - or 32 kilos. Then I "graduated" to bulimia nervosa...still a lousy illness, but as of recently, treatable. I had bulimia for 33 years, and I weigh as little as 85 pounds, or 38 sister is quicky going of anorexia nervosa. She's 43, and an attorney...for the past 3 or 4 months she's been losing an averaage of a tooth a's the disease. She asked her dentist for implants, but he told her that her bones won't hold implants. Last month she developed viral pneumonia. Both my sister and I have doby dysmorphic...we can only see ourselves as FAT...I know, in my head, that I was thin, especially at 32 kilos, but my eyes saw fat...there are a few medications for anorexia and they rarely work...zoloft is one, and other antidepressants...good luck...I know it's a though disease...

Hi thank you so much for sharing your story with me i am loosing teath too last year i took off four cause they were useless and they were hurting me so much i hope you and your sister get well soon you both deserve the best and i will tell my doctor about the medications that you mentioned above and i will see i have 2 kgs last week i am now 40 kgs and i will do my best to have more 10 kgs thanks again

Thank you! My sisters is past help, though...I wanted to tell you that anorexia nervosa is often associated with bipolar disorder type I, that's the type with lots of mania and some depression...I have bipolar type II, my sister is bupolar type I. Anorexia is also associated with adult adhd...that's the reason I know about the correlation of these illnesses...was diagnosed with sister has tried psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and even 6 months in the hospital to treat her anorexia to no avail...its a hard thing t beat. I myself never ended my anorexia...I just switched to bulimia...I got away with teeth for many years because my former insurance covered root need LOTS of root canals with bulimia...40 kilos is very little...but I really understand your problem...