My Story.

..okay im new here.. hahah.
So the past two years, I've been really uncomfortable with my body and it's summer right now and its come to the point that I'm wearing jeans and hoodies most of the time. I really need help.
About the next thing i'm going to say... I don't want a lecture about how I shouldn't do this but :
I want to be really skinny. Like anorexic skinny. I think it looks better than how I look right now.
I guess because of my genes, I can't lose this weight I have.
I'm 5 feet and I weigh 95 pounds... yeah i guess not THAT bad but if you saw me you'd think differently. I try to eat healthy and often and exercise, but it doesn't work. I can't do this.
I've thrown up my food before three times before, but it's sooo hard hiding it from my parents.
Is there anyone here that can help me become... anorexic.. i guess? (:
my kik is : mangoicedtea . it would mean a lot if someone could chat me and help me :D thanks. byee. sry if this was too long..
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you dont want to be anorexic honestly think of this situation 5 feet 16 years old 65 pounds in a hospital bed for a week being feed through with a tube down your throat and having to go to an anorexic day program for a month after being so weak you cant even get out of bed or walk around not being able to eat sleep or live life. love who you are now and its okay to be curvy its okay to eat, if you need anyone to talk to in here

i where the same thing. tday my mom actully took my sweatshirt away and i felt like everyone was looking at me.