Hi, I'm Anorexic Too

Hi all,

I am anorexic too, I would like to share  my story with all of you too, I think that I became anorexic due to low self esteem and depression :( 

Sometimes I feel the urge to eat.. and then I cannot puke some types of food, yesterday I could not puke (I don't know why but my body could not puke) and today I felt soo fat and continued to eat since I was hungry.. : (  I felt REALLY BUT REALLY depressed :( after eating sooo much.. I finally puked after 2 days.. now I am feeling much better and am looking forward to lose more weight to go back to my 37 kilos.

Anyone with my same problem of not being able to puke sometimes??



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Hi<br />
No i'm anorexic not bulimic, I try not to eat but sometimes the urge is greater.. i am trying to stop but then when i am depressed i feel the need to purge :( i am 38.8kg at the moment and my bones are showing now..

i'm sorry to hear about your puking problems, but do you have bulimic tendencies? like over eating extremes? etc. hope i could help.

I've had ana b/c of depression & I dont know somehow It's not low-self esteem but i feel fat :3