I tried once again in the shower last night to make myself vomit but i dont think i have any gag reflect because i put my finger all the way down and nothinh happened i tried to skip luch but i caved and had a salad with 2 packs of ranch I need to gain will power i need it so i can make myself beautiful and skinner that would be nice i dont like the way I look...even tho my boobs are getting bigger I have a full A cup altho I stillwear a padded bra sometimes but were all allowed to have our dirty little secrects i just happen to have 2 that I can actually confess on her bcuz no one knows who i really am

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1 Response Mar 25, 2009

oh i hate that!! to be sick u have to actually eat so much you FEEL sick so that means it works :) but watch out! doin it too much damages ur osophoegeous (cant spell that :P) and take lots of vitamins for hair and nails!<br />
some people find that if they stick like tooth floss down their throat it works bUT DONT!!! cos it makes it have cuts and bleed!!<br />
<br />
love kaye xxxx