Need An Ana Buddy

Ive been fat forever, ever since i can remember. I hate it. So about 3 weeks ago i started cutting cals  to about 300-400 a day sometimes not even eating, and drinking water nonstop and exercising for an hour a day. I dont know if thats anorexic but i really need a buddy. someone whos just started doing this, or someone whos willing to help. Please, i really need to get this disgusting fat off my body. Just send me a msg.

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I love you sacredivision.<br />
Thks for everything &<br />
Throw that meds away ;)

Exactly,, Lhotte .. <br />
<br />
Thats what in my mind,, <br />
<br />
Im with you

Yes it is a disease not a game, but the principle are the same. Somepeople have compared it to a game, in the way that it works. In the book "Thin" by Grace Bowman, she describes in, (as she was a sufferer herself) the ways of a game. In that you have to beat people Lower the numbers on the scale, and most of all, bluff the opponents.<br><br />
<br><br />
But this is the game where pla<x>yers are already chosen and you cannot join yourself!

I totally agree with you sacred. Its a disease not a game.

Aww, I know you have good hope for everyone who suffers from this,, as you had been there before,, I really appreciate that,, somehow,, this beyond i could explain right now,, ill explain to you personally ,, <br />
<br />
i miss u soo much :(

i'm just frustrated... so frustrated with this disease and I'm sorry if I came off harsh. :( <br />
<br />
I just hate this and I wish no one had to go through it.

sacred knows a lot..umm i guess yeah ana&diet arent so different..

Im still alive sacred lol <BR>For me "ana & diet buddy" arent so different,,<BR>They r just the same,,<BR>ppl use the term "diet buddy" to make it less scary and negative,, but you knew it Sacred,, you knew how it was and how it felt... Thus, I wouldnt say anything much,, I dont wanna be a MODEL anymore since I AM alreadyand that doesnt make happy neither ! I just wanna feel HAPPIER with myself,, and it's that BIT*H could only make me feel like that ...

you need a diet buddy not an "ana" buddy (god i hate that term. seriously this is a ******* disease not a game to lose some weight. if you want a death sentence keep it up. i mean of course nothing tastes as good as thin feels right? yeah hows that coffin tasting?

dolly! :(

Can I apply ? :)