But Not Right Now..hmm

honestly, right now I am full blown bulimic.  I go through these cycles, where I am bulimic, or I am anorexic and never eatmore than 200 calories a day, or I am bulimarexic, where I puke ANYTHING that I eat...and then sometimes I jsut say the hell with it and I just eat normally, which grows into overeating and then...it is just insane.  I dont know how to be "Normal" with food.
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You need help cause you certainly have an ED! :/

I can finally admit to anonymous people that I am anorexic and have been for some time...I am trying to be stronger but the love/hate relationship I have with ana sometimes takes hold...so you might not want to listen but....maybe eating with other people will help you ? unless like me you have a fear of that : But that might stop things getting out of control ? Be careful and stay strong everyone x

I relate to your story to the point where it's scary ._. * Condolences*

You guys are not alone! I go through these cycles allllllll the time. I dont eat and then I get so hungry that I get out of control and eat everything I can. This leads me to throwing it up and I feel aweful again. All I pretty much do is eat fruits snacks when I feel like Im about to pass out. One thing that might help is when you get really hungry, eat things that are low fat and that wont make your stomach feel full. things like fruit snacks, crackers, apple sauce, stuff like that. Good look guys! Keep fighting!<br />
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Hey guys, think it's EDNOS? eating disorder not otherwise specified that they would class it under at the moment, but **** it, who are they to classify you!<br />
I'm with you guys 100% i hate those cycles! I've been in recovery for a while now but I've started to trigger a lot more and the cycles have started :/ trying to slow it down with the meal plans but feeling that empty feels so good. :( <br />
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Hope you guys are doing well!<br />

I've been there. At first you don't eat, then you think you can eat a little then just throw it up but you go to far and eat everything! Then you feel fat so you don't eat again so the cycle starts all over. You need to empty your cupboards, buy certain foods and plan meals. Restrict yourself three times a day to eat and thats it. You get in to a routine, its cool, you feel powerful :)<br />
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I'm a full blown anorexic at the moment so take what you like from my comment, its what i do when i'm trying to eat again. Good luck xx

I know, it IS horrible. I think the accurate term is bulimarexia, though I dont think it has a spot in the DSM diagnosis list yet.