How It All Began...

well.. it´s hard for me to recall how all this happened, but i guess it all began about two years ago.

i was in a project at school. i were in a group and everything went wrong. i got a mentally breakdown and had to take the class again 6 months later. i had a therapist in those six months and he helped me get my self-esteem back. or at least some of it.

everything went fine until for a year ago. i have been sad about my body for a long time, i was on the limit to be considered as a bit overweight. i was about 180 lbs. and so i began on a diet. in the beginning i just cut the snacks and only ate three meals every day. that went fine and i lost some pounds. next i cut the lunch and only drank some juice at the morning. i started drinking lots of tea, without knowing that i actually increased my metabolism, so i lost a lot of pounds very quickly. so within four months i lost about 66 pounds. and i was really happy about it.  

unfortunately it led to a depression and it became hard to me to work. to make a long story short, i got suicidal and tried to... to do something horrible.  thankfully i got through my depression quickly. but then i had to face my eating disorder and now i have been in treatment for like six months now. but since my treatment began i have still lost weight. and i have now been admitted to the hospital because i passed out at home.

my weight is now 112 lbs . and i still wanna reach my goal which is 100 lbs. so i don´t think that i am going home right away.

so that´s my story.

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2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

Im going through the same, i really need someone who is going through anorexia who i can chat to? If anyone has hotmail, give this an add:<br />
<br />
hannah_robinson3<br />
@<br />
hotmail.<br />
com<br />
<br />
Andrew, i know how hard this is, and add me if you can? x

I am really sorry for everything your going through.I have been through anorexia few years ago.It started with a diet (but it was starving actually) till it came to a point where I became horribly skinny and couldn't stand on my own two feet.Then bulimia also kicked in,I didn't want to eat,I was so proud of myself for looking like a model.People were telling me how horrible I look,and that I was bringing my health in danger,it mattered little to me then.At a time I was an emotional wreck and it took me a while to get out of all that.It took me a lot of emotional work,so after working on myself for months I managed to gain weight and look normal again.Wish you all the best,and I hope that you will look inside yourself and find the strenght to get well.