Ana Buddy

im so wanting an ana buddy, everyone i know hates ana, they make fun of me, tease me, they act like im a 5 year old, like i cant take care of myself, and like i need a baby sitter constantly. all i need is someone to understand me. someone to text when i feel like eating, or i feel like i have to give in, just someone to understand, and to talk to about it. i love to just talk, and listen to others stories, but this is one thing i have never been able to talk about, i have talked to one person, and i love him, but he doesn't understand. and i feel like im lossing ana, i have been eating more latly, and i hate myself for it, but i cant stop, people just wont shut up, and im such a people pleaser i don't want anyone upset, so i do as they ask. and im tired of it. all i need is someonet to talk to, to understand me. 

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Please stop saying "Ana" "Ana" "Ana" like it's some kind of angel that's going to save you. You're what, 16 years old? Oh my God I would have DIED to have had someone give a sh*t about me, telling me to stop a few years ago. I could understand how anorexia can be really appealing, especially with the whole "Pro Ana" thing, but at least CONSIDER talking to someone or seeing a specialist.<br />
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I'm not saying this to be mean or bitchy, I just die a bit inside when I read about bright, nice, young girls (and boys) wanting to be anorexic.

when you say that you want an "ana buddy" does that mean you want someone to talk to as you do the ABC diet? because if you do, im in the same position.i just started the ABC today and already 3 friends have yelled at me saying that im going to kill myself or something. im already sick of it and it caused me to go over on my calories (1200- the horror!). i just need someone to talk to that understands that 120lbs is disgusting and i want to drop down a bit. is that SUCH a big deal?