I've been an anorexic since i was a junior in high school.  I am now 22 years old and am still strugglin with it.  I'm really struggling with it right now because of everything that is going on but i'm hanging in there i guess.  I just don't feel like eating and then when i do actually eat i get all nauseas and everything and throw it back up so i'm really messed up.  I  had overcome this for awhile and was doing good but after since my last rape its been hard. 

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omg, im so sorry that this is happening to you. if you want to talk to anyone about it, im totally here with my ears wide open. just message me if you want to, and i'll tell you my info.

um now but i do have a yahoo so we could chat on there

Im really sorry to hear this, im going through the same. im 16.<br />
<br />
i dont know if you have msn or not but if you do, then it would be nice to chat?<br />