This is what someone here said to me when I said I think I'm a horrible person. And also this very same person said he is against suicide. HYPOCRITE!
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o . 0 you really shouldn't feel bad when a douche says douche words since instead of picturing people in their underwear you should just picture them for what they are... 0 . 0 A bloody douche.. O: WHO'S EMO NOW BIAAAATTTTCCCHHH!! Ox Yew gots that nasty blewd'z all over yew'z from yurr doucheyness yew emo'z!! Ox

U _ U There I helped.. u _ U/ That'll be fived dollars please!!

Was he telling you to cut yourself? I hope not.? He better not ever tell you that again. Or I will have a word with him was he telling you to go and cut yourself? I understand you and I wish for The a World that you were better both inside and outside in Totality Forever and ever.... He needs to feel badly he better not let me find him harassing anyone else or you ever again, because this is serious Bullying that has to END AS A WHOLE IN HUMANITY, THE WAR AGAINST THE OPPRESSED WILL END!!!!

How dare he!!!!???? Did you block and report him on For Harassing you? Don't ever listen and give in to these kind of people's words towards you okay resist them and him always stay strong in Heart and Mind and you will find peace within Yourself Okay.(:-)<<<<3333.... Don't waste your time on talking to people like him whether online or in PUBLIC.... Because their words are not helpful but very harmful and you must not receive his words or anyone else's who speak to you or anyone else suffering with an illness in this way or even people who do not suffer with an illness don't need to be talked to in this way as well....

I'll report him myself For You Don't worry about him will report him and hopefully he gets stopped within his own tracks....(:-)<3333 Don't worry about any hate messages I type his name in and see if I can report him for You okay(:-). I'll let you know AlRight(:-)(:-)(:-)(:-)4444....<<<<3333

GrumpyMe, Your getting better As A Person.... I feel that your Improving within yourself as A Whole Completely....(:-)(:-)(:-)(:-) You are so very welcome I reported him for Promoting Self Harm towards you and for Attacking you as An Individual and I then sent him A Warning message about Me Reporting him for you with your NAME INSIDE OF IT OKAY(:-).... (:-)(:-)(:-)<<<<33334444 , EveryThing will be Fine....(:-)4<<33

Yes You Shall be Fine I feel your very Mind coming back in place And Healing as A Whole in Totality....4444(:-)(:-)<<<<3333(:-)(:-)


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