Pitiful Heathens

I had a Baptist preacher, visit us at our home after my younger brother past away. My parents let him in the house and listened to what he had to say, he talked about how hard it must be losing some one so close. Then he started a prayer, and told us the only way into heaven was through him and the Stone Gate Baptist Church. He had us hold hands and recite more prayer, then asked for each one of us to confess to him and god that we were sinners. I was thinking in my head what in the world is wrong with this man, what he was doing and saying just seemed so evil. Telling my family while we were in mourning that the only way to heaven was through him and his church. When it was my turn to confess, instead I asked what about my brother is he in hell because he didn’t confess his sins. I asked him to leave my parents house, walked him to the door, and told him not to come back. The next day he sent a man I went to high school with to talk to me, as soon as he mentioned the Stone Gate Church, I felt sick to my stomach, and said did you see the no trespassing sign at the gate, well it’s there for a reason. I don’t want you here or anywhere near my family, and he left. I’m sure the pastor mentioned my family in one of his sermons, and prayed for us. Looking down on my family. Pitiful heathens are on there way to hell. If there is judgment after death, its going to be a rude awakening for all you Con-Artists.
hammerbock hammerbock
26-30, M
Oct 23, 2011