Think For Yourself, It's Cheaper Than A Bible And You Can Reclaim Your Sunday's.

I have 1 thing to say to any pontificating Christians, on the existence of god.... PROVE IT. Until then peddle your silly superstitious nonsense to yourself in the mirror and see if you'd buy it.

I'm gay, I was brought up in small rural Scottish town. More chance of goats and geese than glitz and glamour. I realised very quickly that people's thought processes were old, stoic and more importantly inherited. This story isn't really about me being gay, I see that as a very small part of the life I lead and the person I am, but it has made me think a lot. Mainly because of other people's reactions as I was growing up. I came out when I was about 15 or so, just decided to get it over with. Obviously I was the talk of school and town. Not that I really cared. I remember the first truly offensive reactions, and it was delivered to me in such a matter of fact way. I had agreed to baby sit for a family friend. When I got there the mother said "I've heard about your... thing. you won't touch my children will you", asked in a very casual manner. I didn't get angry, because this was here borrowed, forced image of gay people. She went on to say that "As a Christian", she finds it hard to understand "MY CHOICE to be gay" and that she "tried" to live as a good Christian. I asked if she minded if I ask her some questions about god etc. I think she was wondering if I'd seen the light. My 1st question was "Have you read the bible" she said no, my 2nd question "Do you own a bible" she said she wasn't sure. I asked if she knew some quotes - sure enough she knew the quote from Leviticus about homosexuality being an abomination. She didn't know it was from Leviticus, I told her where it was from. She looked a bit shocked. I then told her that I had read quite a bit of the bible and that just a few inches down on the very same page the bible suggests picking up sticks on a Saturday, or mixing two different textiles together was wrong or unclean. I continued and asked if she, as a good christian, would start abiding by these rules. She didn't answer me, she simply drank her vodka, smoked some cigarettes then went out to bingo. Instructing me to feed her children, (whom she thought I might "touch", but was still willing to leave them with me) a ready microwave meal then put them in their room. I actually made them a proper evening meal, helped them with their home work, got them to watch a documentary with me then put them to bed with a story. Yet I, in whatever warped frame of reference she had of gay men, was the threat.

People need to think for themselves and develop their own views and opinions based on real experiences. Asking other people to hate, dislike or otherwise denounce entire races and minority groups based on myth and legend has no place in a progressive global consciousness
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Prove that god doesn't exist

Good little story, man!