Wow The Number Of Religious Nutjobs Out There Scares Me

religion is very entertaining to me, why? because its facinating to me when i hear these buisness leaders, politicans, etc... there rhetoric is spot on well spoken but when they start talking about god they soound the equivalent of a 7 year old talking about santa claus and the easter bunny! i dont have time right now to post my entire journey of trying out the god thing thats in due time.. religion has and is still being used to control people, generate money, justifiy hatred and bigortry, i know not all churches an church goers arent that nuts but religion seems like a cult to me... its of my observation that in order to have faith you must slice your IQ in half for that sunday mass or whaterver and basically be like a 7 yr old... even as a young child i saw holes in religion. ive never been a true christian or devout cause once scratched the surface the more i read and went the more i disliked it. unfortunaley some people arent self awareenough to make the connection between religion and acient mythology.. if im not mistaken there have been several gods with almost the EXACT same story as jesus. and it seems when i try to debate creationism they get mad.. even after theyve agreed to have a civil conversaton.. i have been threatened with violence.. i knew i was amongst christians then LMAO believe what i say or ill hurt you... i could go on for hours but ive enjoyed the stories ive read on here.. let me know if ya like what i posted.. and if im wrong on something point it out.
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2 Responses May 18, 2012

I agree with most everything that you said, but I DON'T think that religion is funny. With so many people believing in the same imaginary friend, that essentially makes it real. The Book of Revelation is proof that they are fulfilling their own prophesies regarding the end of the world as we know it. I believe, as do many others, that the "apocalypse" is something that we're going to experience first-hand. What I'm hoping for is that this "unveiling of great truth" is the proverbial light bulb that opens everyone's eyes to the fact that religion is (was) the evil force that is keeping mankind in constant turmoil and at constant war keeping us from making the next evolutionary step.

I would say the same about everything, except that it's not entertaining for me to see 2000 years of deaths, control of the church and seeing people think of their lives as something that is not real life, that they will revive to "real life". So sad.