Destruction Of Humanity

religion is a mental disorder, if you hear voices in your head, that are not your own, that tell you to do something you are sick! We are over a THOUSAND years behind socially, in technology, in sciences, and in tolerance! I do NOT mind the people who are religious but keep to themselves and just let the world be, its the ones you see holding signs saying being gay is wrong or everything we do is a sin, those people need to be dead or gone form humanity. We must remove any and all religious figures, places, and quotes from the government, remove "in god we trust" and "under god..." and just the word "god" in general from anything that has to do with government, ie schools, courts, city halls etc etc etc!!!! All "sin" is in fact a normal human function and emotion. Humans get angry(to fight and yes kill if we must), we eat, we have sex with many partners, it is human instinct to do all those to ensure we live on! We CANNOT stop religion peacefully as sad as that sounds it is true, these people will only respond with violent retaliation with a deep hate at its root. It is time to tear down, burn down, and destroy all churches and symbols of christianity, we must protest at churches on their sunday masses just as they protest other's concerts or funerals or parades etc., we must burn their bibles in front of them and call THEM the evil they really are. We MUST put fear into them just as they have to anyone they do not like. Lets put aside our differences to stop the ignorance of religion and make the world a better place. If these people believe that the world will end, then what will make them make the world a better place to live, like stopping global warming or world peace? Religion makes humanity and society go the other direction that most of the world wants to go towards. I am the one that will say what needs to be said and I would love for others to be there with me. Hope there are others that see eye to eye with me. Good luck and Good night.
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religion is a mental disorder.... i like that

Religion is not a mental disorder. Religion is choosing not to think for yourself. Religion is ignorance. Religion is the reason that there is no God.