When's The Good Stuff?

Most of my life was spent (on & off) reaching for a oneness, a harmony with god. One day a stark, harsh, glaring epiphany overwhelmed me: god didn’t exit. Mercy!

At the same time excruciatingly frightful and enormously exhilarating, the peace I found at that moment brought immense tearful relief. I'm pretty sure it was at that point that I came to know the definition of the word "epiphany." It was a catharsis: finally I had something rock–solid–important within my firm grasp.

That consciousness did not come to me from a high on drugs or from some 'angel.' It came from an elusive source I'd been seeking for decades: a guy named Bart D. Ehrman. I had heard him talk about his book on a radio show one day. Mr. Ehrman pulled it all together for me, bless his heart.

The book was: "God's Problem," with a subtitle of "How The Bible Fails to Answer Our Most Important Question – Why We Suffer." That book is SO important that I'm compelled to assert that anyone believing they truly belong to a anti–religious group such as this must first avow that they have indeed read "God's Problem."

While it is egregious injustice to abridge "God's Problem" to a piece of paper with a vertical line down the center, I broach the following experiment (I'll buy you a new car if you can proffer an entry for the left–hand column):

Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the center, top to bottom, forming two columns. Draw a horizontal line across the top with enough room for two simple headings. Atop the right hand column make a minus (–) sign and write: "Really, Really bad things that have happened to (documented) to Humans on Planet Earth. For example, the Black Plague, WW I, the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004, Pol Pot, the Pompeii (Mt Vesuvius) eruption. You get the idea; it's pretty easy and you and you don’t really need Google to help you easily compile a list of five or ten items in that column.

Okay, now, in the left–hand column (a plus (+) sign and "Really, Really Good Things That Have Happened (documented) to Humans On Planet Earth," attempt to make a list of commensurate events. The trick here is to the word "commensurate". (Look up the word commensurate if you're not positive of its meaning). For example, opposite of WW I would perhaps be World Peace or Eradication of World Hunger.

The point is, of course, IF we had this 'all–knowing, all–loving god, wouldn't the god be laying some really, really good stuff on us now and again?! Heavens! When's the GOOD stuff gonna happen? When's it gonna rain miracles down upon us? Depending upon when you start counting, the dude's had between 2,000 and 6,000 years, for christ's sake.
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Thanks, so noted.

You essentially want the Father to fix the mess people themselves create. Fat chance, especially if don't even listen to Him through His commandments and His Word. Our world would have been a Paradise if people loved God and each other as they should. Even natural calamities and disease would be harmless because people would be forewarned, informed, and prepared. But now the world is essentially lost to Him, and He'll make us suffer the hell of our own making. That would be poetic justice for proud men who think they can do without God. The good stuff will come for those who remain loyal to God. The temporal suffering we suffer here without blaming God gains us merit to deserve the incommensurate bliss that comes hereafter. Evil times always bring out the best and the worst in people. Satan remains (handcuffed as he is) to torment/seduce us with his tongue. He remains to filter/sift us humans to find the loyal amongst the rebellious. Even though he is essentially serving God in this capacity, he is working for his own profit − that is, his amusements for his exile/prison outside the Creation of God.

Atheisum is not devil-worship. Look the word up in a dictionary of your choice, big boy.