Too Much

i like being alone sometimes but i hate how awkward i feel around new people.  i get nervous and i can't find too much to say to them. i'm in college now, away from home. i thought it would help me break out of my "shell" but i'm the same for the most part.
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I agree with "flexswag" - humor is a great way to break the ice between you and other people. You make them smile and the atmosphere will be all the more comfortable.<br />
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Just my 2 cents.

I think everyone needs some time to themselfs. i hate that nervous feeling. i try to believe that some way or the other i will turn into some one who people will love.

After class or something ask anyone who you are interested in befriending about the class or make a joke and introduce yourself and sooner or later you'll be familiar with each other you'll talk more often and maybe be good friends, you'll never know until you try. Jokes are a great way to open up i've found out.