Looking For More People Like Me?

So i dont know why i am on here but i am i guess i am just trying to find people like me extremaly anitsoical and has no friends cause of it. Hate school so much i droped out and now when trying to go back i miss alot of school cause i hate the fact there is people. I always feel like they are against me like im some freak ......... dont go out much, dont talk to people, always on the computer or reading and dread the though of having to go any where there will be a big group
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1 Response May 25, 2012

I feel like that all the time to the point i left school and college with no qualifications and now im paying the price and i guess that was why i joined this website. since i don't know how to use computers that well just message me when you feel really bad, although im not social i hate people feeling upset and i'll try to help.