To start off, i'm not social in the least. I'm scared stiff of making contact with people.

I have no ability to start off and conversations that i actually venture into end off in an awkward silence.

I'm fine if other people approach me and talk, i reply but i cannot continue a conversation. I can only do that if i am very good friends with that person and have many things in common to speak about.

Couple that with exploding hormones (Thanks alot puberty)... At this stage i'm still HORRIBLY awkward around girls. While every paret of my body is screaming for contact, i just don't know how to establish contact.Girls just seem like something so far off and distant...

i don't particularly mind being antisocial, except that people think i'm arrogant perhaps? and that REALLY buggers me when it comes to the opposiite sex since it might make me even further than i already am from the girls....

My exploding hormones don't like that much
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1 Response May 17, 2007

Aw. I want to give you a big hug. Mostly because I remember how awkward life was for me during puberty [and before, and after...]. <br />
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I ended up mostly just blathering about my geeky interests to everyone and anyone who tried to talk to me, and once in a while, found someone who was also interested, and of the preferred sexual orientation [I'm a girl by the way, but most of the guys who were interested in what I was were not interested in girls...]. <br />
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Its not the greatest approach or advice, but its the only thing I have- try to keep in the back of your mind that girls also feel awkward, but sometimes hide it better.