I Am Not All That Strange

For years I been keeping everything inside of me. I feel I have to let go and tell somebody, so i'll tell you'll.
So am only a pre-teen, but i've gone through alot already. I feel I my be a dark, antisocial person. I haven't told any one in my family about this. I prefer to be by myself even if i could be with other people. I like being in dark rooms. I feel i have a split personalty. One day i'm all bright, social and happy the next i'm all dark and by myself. I like spending my time alone. I don't like being with other people, even at school. I always like sitting at the back of the class. I can carry on good conversitions with people. It's just i prefer to be by myself. I personal don't think i'm so strange. I just think i'm differnt.
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Nov 29, 2012