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hello my name is josiah im 16 years old and my birthday is august 10th and I am a native american part of the white mountain apache tribe. I am very interested in the military and I want to go to the army right when I turn 17 or when Im done with school. I was born to teen parents but since they were to young to take care of me i was put into foster care or whatever its called. I have been with the same foster family my entire life so i consider them my family. I also have a few problems because of my mom drank and smoked and all that other bad stuff while she was pregnat with me. I have asthma and im very anti-social and i have some other things but i forgot what they were called. I hate being very anti-social i have few friends. i hate my life and earlier in the year i almost commited suicide and i tried to run away from home forever but the police found me. Recently i have found refuge in the online world. Back in 5th grade my best friend Ian introduced me to runescape a mmorpg. i consider it one of the best things to happen to me. I can talk and make friends easier on the internet. I dont know why i just find it easier to talk to people over the internet than talk to them face to face. Ive told them things i would never tell people in real life. they are usualy the only ones i talk to about my life and how my day was and all that. they were the first ones i told about my plans to run away and to suicide. Also it seems as though they care more about me than people I know in real life. Well thats all I can think of. Though some things i didnt put in the story becuase I didnt feel like they should be in it.
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Sometimes we do find it easier to make friends and talk to people online, and in my experience it's because we're too scared of being judged by people face to face. Paranoia I guess, and a lack of self confidence. Message me anytime if you get lonely! :)

that is so me.

i do those things and yes it is posted lol