I'm One of Those, Too!

I just read Celainn's story and it sounds almost exactly like me!  First impressions of me are not great at all.  I've been accused of being a stuck up snob, because of first impressions.  I'm not, I just don't do:  "How do you do? Nice to meet you" very well.

I've had enemies that by some accident or another got to know me, and actually liked me.  It's strange.  This was especially true in school

I was also raised not to talk to strangers.  I'm sure some kind of psychological way that has something to do with it.  Who knows for sure, though?

What's amusingly odd to me is the fact that I (and others like me) can't easily go up and just start a conversation with people we don't know, but we can sure talk your leg off on let's say: "Esperience Project", and we don't know these people anymore than some unknown we pass on the street.  Go figure. 

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1 Response Jun 2, 2007

that makes a lot of sense. It's acrually so true, also.