In high school, I was anti-social. I had about 6 close friends but I never really hung out with them. I thought that things would change when I got to college. That never really happened. I felt like I had fewer friends then. This year I'm actually moving on campus (I lived off campus before that) because I've always heard that living on campus is more fun. 1 day into the experience and I can already tell that nothing is going to happen that'll make me more social. In my whole life,

I've only had 1 girlfriend (it only lasted around a month). I've heard a lot of advice from family and online that just says to join a club or something on campus but as a junior that is just now living on campus, that just sounds awkward to me.

I don't want to be like this and end up alone forever but I don't think it matters what I think about it. I apologize that this is so long but I felt like I just needed to say (or type) something about this. The worst part about me feeling anti social however is that I feel like that it's my fault for not trying hard enough.
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Hi, What specific socio-behavioral steps have you taken toward becoming more social? Such as greeting strangers, initiating small talk with store clerks etc. Sometimes we need to get into the habit of approaching people more and getting comfortable with our fears.

I've talked to people in class and I have met some of my sisters "gaming" friends (I'm a bit of a gamer myself). I'm going to try to join a club this semester and see how that works out as well. You are right however, I do need to start making an initiative to approach people.

It can be difficult but necessarily (everyone is different) for some people because its like working out, consistency is key. There can also be setbacks but do not get discouraged its part of the process. Developing any habit takes a little time so patience with yourself is also important. Can you think of situations or ways in which you can practice approaching new people?

Other than attending events around me and talking to people there I'm not really sure what else. Either way I should just stick with it like you said. Thank you for your support.