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Ok here's the deal. I'm a college student and I am really anti-social. I don't have any friends and I hate social events. I really don't like talking to random people and while I 'm there I just listen to my mp3 player.  I have always been quiet and shy. I really don't know "how to make friends" and I guess that I don't trust anybody. I only talk to other people when there is a project or a group assignment. When I am on campus, I feel socially akward and I just focus on my studies. Is something wrong with me? Am I THAT weird? Can somebody help me overcome this shyness that I have?



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I think somebody can help you overcome the shyness: a girlfriend. <br />
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How do you get a girlfriend if you are very shy? Just start by smiling at girls that you think are nice and pretty. Eventually, one will smile back. <br />
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After you encounter one that smiles back, make an effort to sit beside her and say hello. If you are still too shy to say hello, continue smiling. Eventually, if she likes you, she will open up a conversation and she will push you into casual conversation. <br />
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One important thing: open your eyes to more than one girl until you manage to break the silence barrier with one of them. <br />
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Good luck.

Well first of all. you're not weird or something wrong with you. there was never a class to teach you how to interact with other people so its like you have the tools. i would cause i'm the same way. the way i overcome it sometimes is by putting myself a goal of what i want. like today i told myself, hey maybe ii should try to talk to that kid behind me in english. i did as i offered to get him a book to share. i struck a conversation with him and now i plan to do the same the next class. so just make little goals of things you can do. they be as random as like ask someone for the time or directions. if they think its gonna rain, whatever the matter but start little and then get to bigger interations with other individuals.