Need Help In Relating.

Hello All,

I joined this group because I am nervous all the time. However, most of the time, I don't even know that I am nervous even though I am. I am nervous at work (Because I have to go fast and not make any mistakes), I failed my Massage Therapy exam because of it, I am nervous on the mic, and basically nervous all the time.

The only noticable things is that my legs and hands shake. That is not because of any caffeine and I don't take any drugs (And I don't plan on taking any anti-depressants either). I just don't know why I am always nervous.

I've tried almost everything to not be nervous. One of them is meditation (Which I still do). But that doesn't seem to work. Is there anything else that everyone that I can do to not be soo nervous that has nothing to do with drugs?


Midnight Starr

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It gets worst when you are in a positive mood and you get someone in a negative mood that brings you down.

Yeah i hear you there and if you ever feel i am doing that please let me know ... i have been around people like that ... it sucks

People putting me down could be the reason why I am nervous. Not to mention people judging me. Ooh, we're getting somewhere. <br />
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I do remember my mother teaching me to please other people when I was young. She's more of the people pleaser as I am. I probably might have some of that right now. The people pleasing that is. But I know that it will not get me anywhere.<br />
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Thanks for the hugs.<br />
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And by the way people putting me down isn't new as you can tell. It's been going on forever. I feel sorry for all those celebrities that are constantly being judged in the tabloids.

People putting you down ? That sounds like part of why your nervous? Right ? I don't mean to ask so many questions just trying to help. Hugs

redheadsrule,<br />
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Thanks for your input, but I think that I have already tried acting, writing, and Reiki. And guess how they all turned out?<br />
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It's not enough to do what I love, but what I love that will not have anybody putting you down for doing it.

I guess i would think about doing things that you really love , that give you peace . For me it is my family, water , playing with kids of all ages, animals etc