Aww My Hershey Baby!!

I am almost 5 months pregnant and gettin bit anxious for my little hershey bar to be born. Im Mexyrican with a very light complexion and husband is black so the baby will have some color to it. My 8 year old son is my complexion since his dad is mixed with German. Since high school I started liking blak guys and got what I wanted a chocolaty husband and baby to be born in August 09.

What I hope to be able to deal with is the nappy hair especially if it's a girl, husband is afraid baby's hair will really look nappy since I've never braided black hair. He told me to ask his mom for advice, I just told him Ima have to take braiding classes before the baby gets here. I know you can't wash the hair every day so I hope I remember when Im bathing the baby or Ima mess up his or her hair big time. Them braids look like they take time and patience oh lord. My baby will probably have mexican braids lol.

Any advice as to how I can care for the baby's hair??

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Thanks, she is already 5 months old and her hair does not look that bad thank god. She has dark hair and its pretty straight, some waves come in at times but everyone tells me she gonna have good hair. Don't worry I did plan on calling mother-in-law at times when I need her. My coworked has a mixed daugher too so I have her too.

Don't be afraid and do the styles you like. Yes, it is way different caring for her hair, but that s why there are so many different styling products and tools. The best advice, is ask your mother-in-law and/ find a good black hair dresser that specializing in kids hair. Whatever you do.......No perm. Not now or ever (no matter who tries to convience you).<br />
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hey chica u will b fine as long as u put hair grease before u comb the child will not be in pain but how have u been? miss u chica :)