I Dont Feel Like Going Out With My Husbands Friends..

My husband and I are having problems in our relationship. we r just trying to work on it.. My husband wants to go for a dinner with all his friends.. which is a big group of people.. I feel uncomfortable.. I dont have any common interests to talk with them.. but i want to overcome this anxiety.. how can i do that?
I cannot tell this to my husband because as i said we r having problems in our relationship.. and in order to make this work i have to go out and be happy...

sana5 sana5
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1 Response Feb 10, 2010

Is it just the fact that the two of you are not getting along that makes you uncomfortable? I don't feel extremely comfortable even when out with a group of all my friends, much less people I don't know. It might just be generalized anxiety disorder. If that's the case, you could try a low dose of xanax, otherwise he just needs to understand that it could be very stressful to bring you into an environment such as that. If he still doesn't understand, tell him to shave off his eyebrows and go out on a date with you.(That way he can see how it feels to be uncomfortable the entire night) I really feel that the problem is much deeper than I can see, in which case, I would have a completely different answer. I hope this helps.