I'm Ready!

When I was way younger - pregnagnt with my second child, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. Eventually, it got some better (under Dr's care).  Then I had a Tubal Ligation after I had my last child. Since then, I've suffered with dysmenorrhea & menorrhagia (difficult & extremely heavy flow during my periods).  So, I'm ready for menopause, to be able to end the monthly discomfort and misery forever!

I've had to work all of my life.  It's very difficult to go to work and hope you can make it to the bathroom in time to take care of your monthly duties, before you have to change your clothes.  Well, I just can't be one of those that call in to work because of my period.  Now, if it was bad enough that I could hardly roll out of bed, that would be different.  It's just bad enough that I don't want to roll out of bed.  Of course, I don't dare not to!

Then there's the pain that goes along with it.  Mind you, I'm not talking regular monthly here!  I've had them before. I had your usual cramping, bloating, backache and all of that.  This is that but amplified several times.  Almost to tears at times.  Nothing short of looking like a masacre happened.  The weakness, too!  When you lose that much blood there's definitely going to be weakness. They only last about five days, but day 2 & 3 were always the bad ones.  Hit that bathroom every hour or else!I'm not one to complain about my health, neither.  I consider myself quite healthy actually.  I get the occasional cold or flu, but that's about it.  Enough    for now. 

Anyway, this is why I'm anxiously anticipating menopause.  I don't think I"ve ever been so ready for anything in all of my life!! I would almost bet the others out there whoever they are feel the same way.  Anybody care to fess' up?

silvermystics silvermystics
51-55, F
Jun 2, 2007