Anything But Ordinary

i dont consider myself to be ordinary anything.i think my mind works in mysterious ways and i feel im strange and odd. well its botha good and bad thiwell i havent exactly had a normal"white picket fence" family. my dad was an alcoholic who messed up his life and ours.he commited suicide when i was 17. well i have attempted suicide afew times tho moments i have felt my life has no meaning or purpose,but im still here so i guess my time hasnt come yet. i like to be alone alot.dnt know why.i enjoy going to the movies alone, taking walks alone. here is the oddest- i love to watch old movies-i mean 1930's,40's,50's.60's movises even earlier.i find them fasinating and out of this world romantic and pure and raw. i love the old romances,musicals and such and have imagine myself many a times as having been born in the wrong era. weird i know. thats jus a little bit of my odd self...theres more tho....
starly starly
22-25, F
Aug 13, 2007