I was raised a catholic, I knew something was missing and there was more, I found the truth in 2005 when I walked into a pentecostal church for the first time, I was baptised sep 2006,  I live in a town of 8,000 people, there are probably about 35 proclaimed pentecostals in this town, but they don't really always live their beliefs, they don't fast, pray, worship very much.  I have to go out of town to find what I need. I am lonely, and thirst for more,  someone to discuss beliefs, lifestyle, living the spiritual life as intended,  I am in the process of getting my house ready to put on the market so I can move to a bigger town with more pentecostal activities and brothers and sisters, but it may take a while for my house to sell,  help, is there anybody out there, I am surrounded by worldly people in my personal life and my work life.  I would like to make some kind of connection.
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Well, why don't you just do all the things your looking for other people to do and then tell me if you feel the same way afterwards. With lots of love, your brother in the LORD.

You know we gotta take a look at ourselves first before we go saying things about other people. I was the biggest hypocrite in my church. The biggest pharisee GOD ever had to deal with. So I know what Im talking about when it comes to saying and thinking things about others and what I believe they should be doing without even knowing them.

ARE YOU THE KEY? I am a local Pastor but not the senior. I am 51 and after many years been given word of knowledge I guess I'm a prophet, but if you think this is cool YOU can try it for a few weeks and see how fast your boat sinks. Back to my opening line are you the key. Start raising your hands be the key in the service that wakes them up get excited they need a leader someone CRAZY enough strong enough to take the lead! But if your are asked to set down don't be so loud RUN from that Church!. I 3 times have had to tell from God to 3 Pastors Go home I was ill for days each time. I am watching whole churches being destroyed pastors leaving wives wives leaving Pastors. Many are doing drugs in our church. I'll tell you ask God for a gift Jesus Show me the rose garden you showed this man the one where each rose reprsents each child of God. Find some passion and be the key in your Church! If they don'trespond, wait it takes time. Pray Pray Pray. Speak that into exsistence spell chk sorry. We don't have long get it! DO IT! be His light HE will be down in front with you jumping. Tell them how you feel. WOW did I just preach? Oh I practise what I preach but being heavey I can't jump as high. How high can you jump this Sunday? I have a friend his name is Michael yep he came to tell me he fights for us! Michael the arch Angel scared you will never know ho much! But WHY me? I DON"T KNOW! I hope I didn't just loose you but I am not afraid of telling you what God has done in this mans life! Dad married 13 times. Mom 7 pain suffering two granfather both shot them selves. I have been married to the saem woman for 33 years! DONT TELL ME IT CANT BE DONE DONT SET ON YOUR BACK SIDE COMPLAINING HE IS WITH YOU! I'm crying so I'm done. Lord bless you all.

Oreo,<br />
My husband and I are in a somewhat similar situation. I understand your fear and frustration. Ask to be delivered from caring what other people think (you can do this. Jason Sciscoe did it, and my husband and I are working on this) so you can worship the Lord with you are. Yes, God WILL give you strength. YES, God WILL give you grace. YES, YOU can be an example. It sounds like you need to be one for others. As new converts I feel like we have a special ability to affect others around us you have been in the Truth longer. It's like a wake up call for them. You can do it. If God is calling you to prayer and fasting, do it. Don't wait for anyone else. Hmmm ... sounds like the revival your town needs will start with you!! Our church is amazing, but is made up of fallible human beings. Our pastor is second-to-none. If you are about to watch online, our service times are Sunday 10am and 6:30pm and Wednesday 7:30pm at thelifewaychurch dot net. Also, YouTube is an AWESOME resource! Preachers to watch are: Lee Stoneking, Jason Sciscoe, and Jeff Arnold. God bless you in your growth! Keep in touch!

Hi Oreo, I am in the same situation.<br />
I too like to follow. Yet when there is no one to follow, then we turn to God even more.<br />
<br />
Did you ever think of starting a house church, asking 1 or 2 in, to fellowship with? God says, where 2 or 3 are gathered together in My name, I am in the midst.<br />
That is the only churches in the book of Acts.<br />
<br />
I have wanted to do this for years. It isn’t easy. Not many are interested. But it is just something that I thought that I would suggest.

Atreadia, Thank you for taking time to make a comment, I am humbled, your insight is inspiring, I guess i want to follow not lead, (one of my weakness) , I want to be fed, not feed, (this is a new insight for me) Just happy to remain a baby,,I know there are many hungry people here, just waiting for a spark, and i have thought about maybe this is why I am here, because I have been trying to leave here for several years, just circumstances seem to keep me here, and I pray for God's will, maybe this is where I am meant to be, I am afraid i will fail, disappoint, not live up to my own standards?, God's standards?, men's standards?, but this is where I die to myself, and let God's strength and will take over. (in my weakness he will fill me with his strength) Do I have enough faith??? Can i be a beacon??? I never thought about it that way. ME??? I am embarrased, to have such little faith, you have given me much food for thought, and I thank you. The Lord answers prayers in so many different ways.

Pentecostals, I have found, are human. They have failures that are common to humanity in general, though there are a few exceptions. <br />
<br />
The best way to find people who can help you on your walk with God, is to become a beacon for others. It sounds funny, but it does work. As our pastor preached last sunday, we are the nets for the fish (future believers), and if we are doing our jobs as nets, then all kinds of people will come into contact with us... Its not our job to weed out the fishes, but it is our job to spread the nets out further and further abroad so that we can reach as many as we can with the message of Christ.