Teenage Girl Changing Her Life For Christ

Hi,,,my name's Dakota......im 13 years old.....I used to do many bad things....drinking, smoking, cussing, etc....my worst one, would be...i used to cut myself....I started going to Apostolic Pentecostal churches wen i was 7 or 8...now, im following Christ, or, at least trying hard to...I'm not doing any bad things on purpose anymore :D and I'm speaking in tongues everytime i go to church, and sometimes in the car ill just break down in tears and ill pray, and speak in tongues...I got baptized in Jesus name a few years ago :D...People are trying to persuade me to do bad things again, and get me to get angry and swear...but i dont :D I'm livin my life for God and its stayin that way...if ur a pentecostal, and ur thinkin bout givin up, and living a normal life, im telin u right now, it aint fun...normal, HA!! booorrrringgggg! u gotta b apostolic pentecostal :D thts da life ;)
RoseRain381 RoseRain381
May 23, 2012