Lesson I Learned

its difficult to share to personal friend what happen in my life, so i joined here to express my feelings and to release the pain even in a little bit, since 2008 ive been trying to find someone who will love me for what i am and for who i am, last year 2010 i went on vacation in my home country, my friend introduce me in he's friend, i met her that way,  in a second she got my heart, nobody will not fall inlove with her, she's attractive simple and beautiful, i spend my time with her often, i tell her a story of my life and if she love's me i will marry her and i will love her for the rest of my life, a few days goes by we become a soulmate, im very happy with her everyday, we are very sweet, i belive she's truly love me, everynight i thank god for giving me this person and i promise that i will love her forever until the day i die, 1 month is not enough to knowing her, i need to get back to work in another country, so we say goodbye for a temporally, im very sad to leave her for 1 year she dont want me to go, i told her this is for our future sake and i promise her i will marry her the time i comeback, just hang on, i dont know what went into my mind, i need to prove how much she love me, if she really love me i know she'll be waiting for me.1 year.... she's very far from me, i really miss her a lot, i love her every each of day, every second of my time she's always in my mind, we have communication texting or calling in cellpone, im very happy coz she's my inspiration etc. suddenly a few months things change a little bit, she said she want to build a small store for our future she want to help me just give her a small expenses, but small are getting big every months, i agree that way and i belive her, then every month of my salary she now asking for a money, telling in different explanation. i still give her, (i dont know in myself, if i hear her emotions my heart are very lonely, i tell to myself ok this is just a money, i will not exchange this to the person i love) i still support in her needs, 1 year i support her expenses most of the time there's nothing left for me, my expeses not enough in 1 month, im now barrowing money to my bestfrend to my credit card, until i have now a lot of credit to pay, im now compuse. maybe i am crazy now or try to become capt. savahoe.

almost end of a year, im very happy co'z i will see and love her again, so i finally got home, i did'nt waste any time i did'nt rest that day, i want to see her, but...... she's not in her home...... her mother say she's in the province, very far... so i called her in cellpone, we talk... she need money to comehome and tommorow she's already here,asap, i give her money... i wait for her... i have a feeling now that there's something happen that i dont know, 2 days she's still not home, i called her again and she's not answering my phone. 5 days 20 days still the same, until i saw my frend and told me that she already married with another person in her province. 

sorry for my english i know its bad. so i learned my lesson........
i comeback in my work, forget everthing and trying to move on.
fonzydomingo fonzydomingo
26-30, M
Jul 19, 2010