Time For A Change ...

It is disgraceful that the women on EP seem to think it is in order for them to express their sexuality.  Some do it with pictures, some with stories ... you know who you are !!

It really shouldn't be allowed.  Come on ladies,cover yourselves up and stop writing all that naughty stuff.  

I say we should have a return to the values of Doris Day and her like ... one foot on the floor in the bedroom at all times ... innocence and virtue should be promoted.

Come on ladies you know you want a return to old-fashioned values ... and men, you know you want it too.














WomaninBliss Disclaimer:  WiB does not accept responsibility for any of the views expressed above, this story was posted without her permission.

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12 Responses Feb 8, 2010

The age of innocence has long passed me by and I have no desire to return to it.

LOL!!! Good one, Bliss...this is so freakin' good! Caught my attention right away... ;)

Think you did both WIB!!!!! Com on speak what your thinking...... Willy wills a way to WIB!!!!

where there's a willy there's a way ... ooops ... did I say that or think it? wash out my mouth with soap quick!!! lol

WOOOO HOOOO Now I can quit this job!!!!!! Alright!!!!!<br />
<br />
<br />
Wait damn how am I going to get over there....... LOL!!!

Excellent mtvlm ... I need a new scriptwriter ... you get the job!!

Now come on PTMAN - don't let the side down - this has been going on long enough ... a return to more innocent times is needed ... s*x wasn't invented until around 1965 was it?<br />
<br />
Knew I could rely on you SG ... you go first ...<br />
<br />
and ChipmunkErnie ... I WAS Doris Day before she was a virgin ... lol!!

*mememememe* (Singing to the tune in Sound of Music) How do you get a hold of WIB and tie her down? To massage her legs and her feet and make her moan? How do you lick her tummy and watch it quiver? To make her breath come in quick gasps? How do you get her to lick her lips and look with wanting? To make her sweat and make her wet and to scream? How do you get her to wrap her legs around you and squeeze as she feels it? To have it deeper and harder all the time????<br />
<br />
How do you solve a problem like WIB?????<br />
<br />
<br />
How do you screw a wonderful woman and make her puddy in your hand????? <br />
<br />
*Bows* <br />
<br />

please don't.

I am in such total agreement with you, WiB! Innocence, virginity, wholesomeness.... these are the values we should be cherishing.... in others.

I don't know what you mean mtvlm ... this is deadly serious ... next week I'm interviewing for the lead in the Sound of Music ... how do you solve a problem like WiB? ... hehe

LOL!!!!! I almost thought that WIB had lost her mind and joined a convent or something like that. Brainwashed for sure.....<br />
<br />
Maybe a good licking is what she needs to snap back to her old self..... LOL!!!!