Me Too....

Especially since I'm one of them!  Sometimes I just appall myself...

SaratogaGirl SaratogaGirl
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doesn't it feel good sometimes to be appalled? In my world there is a very fine line between good and naughty. Others can call it as "they" see it I suppose, but its really only my opinion that counts. Be good to yourself XOXO

Oh wow.... mutual appalling....

Most dudes dont bother with the broom closet! Just give them a minute or so alone....

The beds were pretty high of the ground back in the day so it required very long legs or perhaps a very long appendage.

hahaha!!! Love it SoUL... were their hands broken.... LOVE IT!

What? I hope you at least added some vodka to that OJ!!!!

I was told by someone who worked in hospitals that the phrase "one foot on the floor" was used by senior nurses to advise male visitors during visiting hours. apparently men visiting hospital would try to have sex with females they were visiting. The actual instance related to me concerned men visiting maternity wards. Their wives having been pregnant for 9 months or so the male were denied sexual intercourse during that time. Now having given birth they were once again available and nurses were told to prevent the men having sex with their wives in the actual maternity ward. <br />
<br />
I confined myself to some flowers and a bottle of orange juice.

Thanks pumps... but I think your name should be here...

Well, that I don't know... of course, if your foots on the floor and your butts on the bed, then your panties stay up....

SURE you are SoUL.... the idea being that one foot on the floor meant that those bad boys couldnt manage to insert their thingee into your va-jay-jay would never occur to you... LOL!

HHHHH!!!!<br />
<br />

Well i'm just being coy. There is a young lady on here who provided me with a rather graphic account of what she would do to me and what I could do to her in return. Rather splendid all round. cute!


Lie back and we'll see just how full blown things can be.....

Well obviously I don't run i the same circles as you gals so I only see the milder stuff. I doubt I'm ready for full blown harlotry. lol

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

A LITTLE harlotry? What's this "little" you are talking about?

Hail to the shameless harlots. Spouting and ranting on assorted topics is ok as far as it goes but a little harlotry now and then does on harm.

Granny Panties! Arrrgh!

LOL Come here Gertie!!!! OMG she is wearing pantie looms under that suit.

Let's compare them by trying them out on Aunt Gertie here!!!! Knees up, Auntie!

My vibe is better than your vibe Sara... See let's compare!!!!

I vaguely remember virginity.... wasn't that before we discovered fun? <br />
<br />
Now... what to do about Aunt Gertie here.... Maybe try the vibe on her?

OH! "Faints dramatically*

LOL Gertrude.<br />
<br />
Sara, at least I put on panties before he snapped the picture. I can't remember virginity but if you go first I will try to follow your lead. lol (NOT)

Hey Gertie... wanna see my vibrator?

Lewd lascivious ankle bracelet wearing trollops! You've given me the vapors! OH! I blame mood rings

Oh fungrlmmm .... indeed... SOME of us have to draw the line at the shameless hussidom around here... AND the panty lines on the tight jeans too!

Hehe! You should be ashamed Sara! ((hugs you hussie you lol))

shame, shame... on the others...

Thank goodness! A sense of humour...

yeah... a toilet seat that is chained down.... I guess for guys who forget? I dunno....

Lol Sara! You so funny! <br />
<br />
Toilet chains?? I need to hear more about that!


the toilet seat chains? WTF???

You only feel shame Sara when you have the toilet seat up in the middle of the night....... LOL!!!!!!! You keep forgetting to re-lock those chains to keep it down..... HA!!!!

Yes I do... I just don't feel it at what society believes to be appropriate times...

you have no shame Sara.

Yeah... and to recognize the person looking over your shoulder too!

It's important to recognise ourselves in the mirror!! lol

Honesty is good. (((((Hugs)))))

Well, I'm never shamed.... (well, almost never.... )

Since when are you shameless Sara? LOL!!!!