Shimmying Shameless Hussies!

Did you EVER! The cavortings of the shameless hussies (who are no doubt selling Avon ever since they became fallen divorced women) are

a menace to this once fine, upstanding pristine site with Good Family Values!  Lip gloss, strapless bras, OH!  I blame "The Love Boat"

nobuddiesbiznessbuttmine nobuddiesbiznessbuttmine
20 Responses Feb 8, 2010

you're so damned witty & fuckable!
ADD me... Please :)

Yeah, she's fuckable. She's my wife.

I applaud your good taste!
Nevertheless, I really enjoy the spice of extramarital affairs :)


And you're my kind or guy

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Eric Sykes - Biography<br />
Eric Sykes on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more... ... <br />
but he soon found he could perform as well as write. ... <br />
brilliant it marked the start of a decline in comedy.<br />
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i just visted the house that was in fantasy island ......... its in calif at the arboreten gardens ....... very lovley place............... sit next to a large body of water hanging weeping willows around it ............ beauitful!

cross u crazy as a bed bug an out dated

cross i love avon products ..... u sepak in code . an ur spam that u have left on other sites was flaged

This CrossEyedMary sounds like a troll to me, no wait, i canibal troll...look it up on youtube.

Im for more wholesome family music and a good cruise on the loveboat. ... Anyone got a light?

No way I will succumb to the temptations posed here.. Nor will I continue to read non stop, day and night, like an addicted sexually possessed guy, to the nonsense that many of you post here... oh I feel so dirty just by mentioning EP that my pants beg to be removed from the tainted skin that tampers them... No longer can I withstand the tortuous manipulations posted... I will make it my quest to find and find, and discover more of this filth, and unveil it to the world as what truly is... I will do that non cease or until my body gives away... one time after another... and after another again...

That Daisy on Dukes of Hazzard is responsible for all this.

I believe the total moral breakdown of this society can be contributed to one thing and one thing only .. fantasy Island ....the island ..the small man in a white suit..the over processed hair and tons of makeup ..Ricardo Montalban!!!! ...Babylon had less harlots than that show ...

aww,,, sounds like someone is in need of attention *HUGS*

Gertrude, can a borrow a cup of cooking sherry?

Pat Boone also! Now there was some good wholesome family music! OH! I blame Brooke Shields and her sinful Calvin Klein jeans!

Television programming has gone straight to H-E-double toothpick, since they took Laurence Welk of the air.

Indeed, Wilmaa! Have you EVER! No, I NEVER, not even the time my Harve went bowling and I was at home with the cooking sherry, and the mailman came by and...I don't want to talk about it! OH! I blame "Hollywood Squares"

Two glasses too, Troub? Or are we swigging?<br />
<br />
<br />
Mutual ****** of Omaha.... Whooooo-hooooooo!!!!!!

Just a disgrace. These "ladies" can turn any topic into something naughty. Even insurance! I recently went to answer the question, "Do You Have Mutual ******?" I was going to answer that I had State Farm. But the other responses were nothing but sexy talk :-O

Lips that touch liquor, shall never touch mine. <br />
<br />
<br />
(Unless they share!)

Gertrude ... I really do appreciate your story. It's very appropriate that this Group and your story appear at this time ... we need a new direction on EP ... I can see you are the woman to lead us forward with your fine ideals and vision for the women on this site who have truly lost their way. Bless you!

Why, I even hear they wear *lowers voice* THONGS! I blame ankle bracelets