Was It Something I Said?

I'm noticing a peculiar trend whenever I comment on a story lately. The poster may have responded to every single comment on their stories, but it seems that as soon as I comment, nothing. I always seem to be the last one to comment and then the thread seems to die right there. I always wonder if I'm not providing good enough advice or perhaps my comment was not "profound" enough or "witty" enough for the person to bother saying anything about it. I know, stupid thing to worry about, but I figure what's the point of commenting then? I usually just end up deleting that response anyway.
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7 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Well, I just noticed that I didn't respond to YOUR comment, so I didn't want you to think the same was happening to you. :P

i'm glad you responded although a year late! i was beginning to feel insulted! just kidding :)

lol. i've noticed this too, me and others. one ep friend wrote a story about why everyone stops talking after he comments lol

"Oh the movie never ends it goes on and on and on and on..."<br />
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Hmmm, I suppose that's true. It's just my mildly neurotic personality expressing itself sometimes. Thanks for the comment by the way. I guess THIS thread still has some life to it. :)

Well, thank you for that, though I think you're being too kind. :P<br />
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I guess you're right, though I'm not always that neurotic (hard to believe), and perhaps what I say does help a little, so I usually don't think twice about it.

I actually rarely delete my comments, usually only if I think what I wrote was profoundly stupid and don't want it floating around out there. Then it would look equally stupid to "re-comment" on the same story, so I usually just leave it. <br />
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It doesn't bother me THAT much, just sometimes I get a little too self-conscious about why a post seems to "go dead" right after I comment. It's my own neuroses I guess.

It's happened to me numerous times too hehe. Don't be so hard on yourself though. I think it's thoughtful of you to take the time to comment on other people's stories. Sometimes you see stories on here with loads of views but no comments at all. <br />
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Are you commenting on old stories? Sometimes that happens and the person who wrote the story has left a while ago or hasn't been seen lately. Or maybe your comment was too profound and witty and no-one could top it ;)<br />
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If you delete your comments, how will that give time for people to see them and reply?