Its offical. I offically hate Junior year. So much. Yesterday my guidance peeps came in first thing in the morning and told us all the 'must-haves' for college apps. And I am FREAKING out. My school has over 300 kids applying to the same school I want to go and the school only accepts half of that number! I'm flipping out and my friends are telling me to relax but how can I when I feel like the stupidest person ever?!

God, I think we should just skip Junior year all together. And..whats the point of SATs anyways? You take them colleges look at them and then those grades don't matter anymore. God, life is so f***ed up.

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Aww, you guys are great. I had such a horrible day yesterday and today was soo much better. But, your comments make me feel (a little) less stressed because your right, even if I don't get into one school I just have to keep trying!

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so i went through what ur going through.. its tough but u no how i saw it?<br />
i saw it as well no matter what i have to do it and no matter what ur going to have the stresses of applying and testing its just how you handle it and what u tell urself. <br />
sit down take a deep breath and tell urself no matter what its gonna be ok theres always another school thats just as great that probably havent discovered yet.. and even then if u think of urself as the greatest person in this entire world when u write ur essays and fill out the applications ull succeed it just all depends on ur outlook.. dnt make it soooo stressful on ur life. look at it as just another thing u have to works a lot better and is a lot easier on u.

I found that grades were what got scholarships, ap classes got you out of college classes, and the sat let you skip the intro english and math. I didn't have the grades :( Yay for cheap state college.