i think i need some serious help!

i'm in a relationship... which is going down the drain because of so much arguing. If it wasn't for me, we wouldn't argue at all.. but because i'm so argumentative, it just doesn't stop! I don't even know why i'm like this, and i don't really know how to control it.

We've been together for 7 months, when we get along, it's an amazing relationship. but because i just can't seem to keep my thoughts to myself, and because i let every little thing get to me, we are almost ruined!

what should i do?

Bare in mind that I am only 17, he's 21, and i know that he is a little more mature than i am about a lot of things.

I try not to argue, but little things get to me. I'm slightly immature about things like that. but i don't know how to control it. i can't grow up quick enough.


LawRaJayne LawRaJayne
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3 Responses Mar 15, 2009

because we love eachother.<br />
we've been able to get through all our problems before now and if that's not commitment then tell me what is?<br />
I may be only 17 but what does it matter? I love him, he's everything i want. and even though we argue a lot, i'm on here seeking advice to sort it. <br />
so it shows i'm willing to fight for it. <br />
So i'm all for being engaged.

Arguing is a waste of precious time. We only have so much time in life, you know? Basically, when things have gotten too heated or you start to raise your voice, excuse yourself and go to another room. Just simply say, "I am getting upset and I have to go calm down." Then go do it, for at least 20 minutes. Explain to him beforehand that this is your plan for handling your anger so he will leave you alone for that long.<br />
<br />
And WHY are you engaged at 17??! Marriage is a huge step and if you can't get along over the simple things you both may be in for a miserable time.

It all comes down to this...<br />
What is more important to you the love you have with him or making a point in an arguement.<br />
Once you have answered that question to yourself then you should concentrate on self control.<br />
Try gritting your teeth to keep your mouth closed,or as Ricky said count to 10... or 50 if you have to.<br />
The whole thing will be resolved when you are older and have a more mature outlook on life but that would be way too late to save this relationship.<br />
When we are young everything seems to need an immediate response and life is all about drama.<br />
When we get older we take our time and hate the drama.