My grandparents immigrated to the US just before the genocide.  They moved to upstate NY where my grandfather established a rug import and repair business. I recently read Orhan Pamuk's book "Snow" which really brought the culture and politics alive for me.  Like Peter Balakian's Black Dog of Fate, my family was very invested in being "American," so we didn't hear a lot about the culture or the music or the people. The food, otoh, yes! I still love to make lamb stew and stuffed peppers and beurek...
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My grandfather moved over right before the genocide as well. They changed our last name from "Ananian" to "Anan". I dont know why, I wish they wouldn't have though. Ananian is a common name over there (or so I've heard) so it would be tough to find relatives that still live in Armenia

many from my cuntry went to amerika an theyr childrens are there and ewen talk icelandik .The first o go to amerika was leif erikson from iceland so he found amerika long before columbus.You can hear how proud i am off that ;?)