Both Of Us Were Bursting!!!

Almost every night before i go to bed, i hop on a webcam site called I have made some really nice friends on there, but there is one in particular this i really like. Well i woke up in the middel of the night, after drinking many many wine coolers, with a very painfully full bladder, it made me very excited to b this desperate. i had to hold myself just to keep from peeing all over my bedroom. i turned on my monitor and logged into MFC and saw my friend was on, i got even more excited!! when i clicked on her webcam and went to her room, i saw she was holding herself very tightly also!!!! i started talking to her and i could see she was getting more and more desperate as we talked. she was sitting on her bed and i told her to keep holding on just a bit more and i was gunna go and buy some more tokens to take her to a privet show, i was just stalling for some time to watch her try to hold on a little longer cause i already had tokens!!! I was trying to hold on also, but as i was watching her she started to dribble a little on her bed. i could hear her wimpering tring to hold till i was ready to go privite. she slipped 2 fingers inside her to help hold her pee in, but it was a little to much i guess, cause she started to say "O My God!!!" and then she was spraying her pee all over her bed!!!! it pushed me way over the top and i lost it and just sat there peeing and watching her!!!! i compleatly soaked the towel i was sitting on and i made 2 puddles on the floor on either side of my chair. i just couldnt stop peeing, i was sooooo desperate!!! and so was she!!! it turned her on so much she was playing with her vibrator while she peed all over her keyboard, desk, bed, everything!!!!! We both came very hard right after!!!! I know she want facking it cause this all happened in free chat, so she wasnt makeing any money. i gave her a VERY large tip after just to make up for it. but O MY GOD!!!! it was so damm hot i came 2 more times after we were done and just talking. i have watched many cam models pee on that site, some just say they r desperate but a few really r!!! this girl was BURSTING!!!
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2 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Many models on MFC will make a vid of them peeing and sell it for tokens, that is allowed, i buy them very often! If u r a model on MFC feel free to send me a message with ur MFC name so i can add u to my friends list.

hmmm, I've dabbled in doing some webcam modeling to make some extra money and most of those sites have pretty strict rules about peeing on cam...must be easy to get away with it on some, I've just never been daring enough to break the rules and risk having my account deleted, so I tend to stay vanilla on the sites I work from...I think actually Xtube is the only cam site you can actually do peeing on and it's okay/within the rules.