Can't Hold It In!

Don't wanna mislead ;) I mean I can't hold in the secret!

Last night I got drunk with some friends in town and I was starting to need a wee so without even thinking I said 'Oh my God, I need to go' etc, and started pee dancing. I love being desperate and I love seeing desperation, but I wasn't actually desperate really. But I wanted to be :P

Only needing to go a little, and pee dancing like I was ready to explode gave me the thrill of 'sharing my secret' with others and at the same time not being held back from having fun by being afraid of losing control.

Guess this is a bigger thing for me than I realise if I do it so naturally 
wriggling wriggling
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8 Responses Jul 24, 2010

Glad you think so. Peeing is not the problem. There are other ways of getting rid of too much beer and they aren't very pleasant.

Thank you all for your comments :)<br />
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and @ andrew, that sounds like heaven!!

@ need2go- you've clearly never driven a coach load of rugby pla<x>yers or fans!

Missed you! Glad to see you back. :)

Hi Wriggling, long time since I saw you writing on here. Must have been me.<br />
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Great story, please tell me where I should be going out to hear you/see you do this next weekend?!<br />
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Andrew, guys hate to admit that they have to pee. They think they're supposed to be in complete control, and an urgent need to **** is "unmanly". So they'll hold it as long as they can and then find an excuse to leave and take a furtive leak. If they can't do that they'll make a joke or a dare out of it. But they can't tell people that they just can't hold it any longer.

I've noticed lots of girls seem to want to tell me when they need a pee, whereas guys will just go away and do one. Do you have any ideas on this?

Sometimes I do the same, like if I'm with a female co-worker in a situation where it would be impossible to leave for a toilet break, like counting money in a locked office, I'll just casually mention that I need to pee really bad, just to see their reaction, even if I'm not particularly desperate. It just kinda turns me on knowing that they know I have to pee, and knowing that I can't go until we've finished whatever we're doing.<br />
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Of course, its more fun if I really do need to **** extremely badly, and even better if they admit that they need to go too :P