My Dream

I had a dream last night I feel compelled to share......not sure i am a very good writer but here goes nothing......

I went to bed with my bladder full not wanting to do anything but sleep i was exhausted and couldn't fathom moving to walk to the bathroom so I just stayed in bed and fell asleep.

A few hours later I woke up with my bladder absolutely bursting but I couldn't move I was chained to the bed legs spread in a pair of tight jeans. Then I heard a girls voice say "wow I thought you would never wake up" who are you I asked she replied and said "just a girl and I want to play" "ok we can play I replied but please let me go to the bathroom first" no thats what I want to have fun with you are not to leak one drop until I say if you do there will be consequences. and with that she put her hand on my bulging bladder and pushed with all her weight I screamed out partly in pain but something about this turned me on. she removed her hand and walked away and turned back only to say not one drop candi. well she was gone all I could think was I am going to wet myself I cant hold it any longer and then she came back with a bottle of water and told me to drink I started to protest but she told me to stop talking so I listed and obediently drank. then she said I will be giving you a bottle ever 15 mins and you will listen. now she said lets get these jeans off of you and she cut them along with my panties. she put something inside of me although I wasnt sure what it was but it was putting extreme pressure on my bladder and I felt something else on my **** then without a word she turned them on they were vibrators and they were making it to hard to not wet myself. she tied a belt around my bladder and tightened it she kept slowly increasing the vibrators speed and tightening the belt every time she made me drink more after a few hours of this I could no longer contain my ****** and I came and along with myself I wet myself. she looked at me with a playful look and said aww you had an accident well I guess you were a naughty girl and now you will receive your punishment she got a catheter out put it in my tiny bladder and filled it as quickly as she could fuller than I was before she clamped off the tube giggled and said I will be back later and walked out the door be continued
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4 Responses May 10, 2012

Love love this hehehehe I want to be this girl tortured and forced to hold mmm

Very good story hope you enjoyed it

Incredibly hot story.

amazing story!

ty =)