A Pair Of Jeans To Wear(and Wet And Mess)

Well my boss is away on a trip,and my coworker lives with him,so since hes away and i use the shower up there,when my coworker is on shift,i go for a "shower"especially if ive been holding my poo all through the workday ;),and when i went down to get my fav undies,desperate as usual,i noticed id been holding my pee to cause i had to go pee even worse than poo,and i was looking hard for my jeans that i never wear anymore,except to wet in,and id never unpacked them since i moved in,and i found them!
so i ran upstairs,pulled up my undies,and i was pro enough so that badly as i needed to pee,i was able to do no2 before no1!(talent,iknow,thx)pooped em while watching in the mirror,then did my pants up,i forgot how great it feels to have a fudgie with pants on(heh,fudgie)
took off my shirt,but left my socks on,hee hee,and started to let go,streamed then let go, into my pants,and wet them fully,got both legs,finished sitting on tub edge to soak my bum,then i began to rub my ****,
and i often run a small stream of warm/hot water from the shower head at peeing pace,so it feels like im still going,all the great warm wetness of peeing but while i pleasure myself,so im free to work my shaft and concentrate on my thoughts(fantasizing)
and came hard!,
was great,i love just it before ******,while warm wetness runs down my crotch and legs,
thats my playtime story!
Emyrs Emyrs
26-30, M
1 Response May 6, 2011

I thought maybe u were going 2 say u get caught by the co worker while yr boss was away hehehehe owell it was still a good story thanx 4 sharing it