As you lie in bed before fully waking, the rosy fingers of morning dawn caress your sleepy mind through a half opened window. The soft twitters of birdsong continue, yes- this is what brought you out of sweet deep slumber. Slowly you realize the comforting presence of another body closely entwined with your limbs and holding you securely yet softly and sensually....a slight moment passes in small panic before you slowly recall the events of the previous evening, and a tiny smile presses your sweetly upturned feminine lips in remembrance for pleasures untold. The feel of muscled arms and legs wrapped with yours feels nice as you relax into their delightful embrace. However, sudden urges from your bladder interrupt your reverie as your body screams at you for release!! HUSH- you tell your willful body as you wish to remain in this enjoyable embrace; reminiscing fresh erotic memories of last fresh in fact, the scents surround you amongst the lush bedding- smells of male and female sexual energy combined into frenzied arousal and delightful fulfillment!

Yet urgent demand slowly entwines itself into your reverie....tentacles of pressure creeping from between your thighs as your bladder insists to be acknowledged and demands your utmost attention for release. Oh ****- why can't this be a perfect moment!? why can't I simply enjoy this blissful recollection in peace........and slowly.......oh so slowly that the thought merely tugs at the edge of your sleepy consciousness, you realize that perhaps you can enjoy this moment- without moving..... enjoy this moment and you CAN relieve your urges without such troublesome walking and rising and fretting about!

Awareness of your newfound plan sends tingles through your whole body as your skin shivers in wish to hold onto this thought, hold this pressure in, hold this feeling of urgent necessity longer! Prolong this naughty pleasure creeping through you- filling you with- what? more desire? more arousal? A night filled with passionate ecstasy yet this hungry desire lies deep within your loins, yearning.....

So you let a little spurt go, careless of the warm, strong body wrapped around you- only desirous for naughty satisfaction, as you feel the warm wetness spread between your legs. Thinking how good this feels laying here secure and letting go- you let more go, almost to the point of no return; the warmth spreading even further wetness linking you more completely to the breathing body holding you tightly. A slight stir behind you, a shift in breath and subtle movement! Panic! only brief, as disobedient pleasure swiftly supercedes any doubts while you release...fully release now the pressure built up inside as you pee, the slow trickle steadily becoming a steamy flow, hissing almost as it works to escape the confines of your heated body to saturate you and your entwined lover with glorious heat and organic fluid! You revel in the release, lost in the moment, blissfully unaware of anything besides the wet pleasure of release!

.....until a pressing hardness makes its presence known- a slight throbbing intimately behind you, buried amongst the preciously soft flesh of your delicate bottom- separate from your own body yet growing to become part of yours. You feel this throbbing grow to a heated hardness that presses urgently into you, another awareness awakened by your own heated fluid gushing forth as warm limbs entwined within yours suddenly become corded with strong muscles to hold you passionately.....
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