...but I'm not proud of it. A meditation.

You see, it's just something that happens without my conscious mind having any real say in it. I always like to think that I view myself on the same level as all the people around me, and yet people always say or do things and I belittle it in my mind with the knowledge that my ideas are far superior. I react in my mind with some degree of horror to realize my own arrogance for what it is, something I wish to deny but is so deeply ingrained in my psyche.

You see, I'm well aware that arrogance is a major limiting factor in ones ability to think deeply and profoundly. I think the majority of us can agree that there is something off-putting about fundamentalists and extremists who are so unwilling to consider that their views may be wrong that they never consider that there may be a place for others beliefs or that they may be in the process of actively denying reality. They live off of the essence of arrogance. With arrogance one can take a small strain of thought and, through following it to it's natural conclusions, end up in a world so far removed from rationality or even basic compassion.

So why is it that I can be so repulsed by others ideas? Why am I so full of disdain? Why am I so unwilling to even consider the validity of beliefs so contrary to my own? I must be broken.
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1 Response Nov 6, 2012

I've thought much about this. I'm still unable to tell if my arrogance supports a truly superior position, or if it's simply a reflection of the arrogance that I hate. So I refuse to attempt to classify it, and simply say that nothing can be certain. Still, I wonder...

That's my hope, at least.