How I Became Arrogant

I lived most part of my life in Europe in a tiny country called Belgium. i was born in Africa where my hole childhood turned out to be a  horror movie. when i

Moved to Belgium at the age of 6 i was a very aggressive little boy with no manners. I had no confidence in myself, or what so ever i always taught that i was a big loser ! and that i would never be someone in my life . i virtually abandoned working in school because i taught that i was dumb . The reason i taught all those things is because most people around me including my biological mother gave me the feeling that i was a nobody. Later in my life i met this incredible teacher ( Rudy boogaerts ) who taught me that if you work hard enough you can be whatever you  want to be . i didn't understand that for the entire year i went to his private school. but then he died in front of hi school . It was televised on the news and so . Just out of nowhere i started to work out like crazy . I worked out like my life depended on it , and in a way it did . i was 17 years old when that happened. then i moved to the united states and rolled into high school to graduate and get my diploma . for the first time in my life i had confidence in what i was doing , i knew that if you worked hard that you could do amazing things. but then as the years went along my confidence became my worst enemy. I am 20 years old now and i know that i am very good looking and i realize that it works against me . my first year in high school allot of people noticed me for who i was but i did not had that certain aura. my second year ... it was like i suddenly was the school jock , the model , but with all that, allot of people started to dislike me .

is it because of who i am ? or because of the way i act ? my confidence turned into arrogance and i couldn't care less about what other people taught of me or what ever they where thinking. all the girls in school now despise me  now. i don't know why ( maybe my arrogance) its like in a certain way ,i act like that on purpose , so that people and most likely  girls tend to dislike me. and the worst about it is that i don't really care. i don't know if it just is who i really am . because i think if i keep acting this way i don't think that i will ever be able to truly like or love someone

whatiam whatiam
18-21, M
Feb 20, 2010