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my name is amy I like to bugy wen I do all the boys get grovy Iv got alot of friendsas I said all the boys like me im eleven and I live alone 4 now my mum dad and the rest of my family have gone on holiday  4 months thev Just left this mourning im kind of upset but iv got the computer to my self oo ya  im new but i like this website its kind of like myspace but its better dan m.s.n. oo I fo got to say there is this girl in my class right we were doing pe and fell over so me and my friends starting laughing at her it waz funny but any ways after dat she came to me like she waz gonna beat me up and went bring it on den so I went to her wat u gonna do then she went ok space out and she started doing i mean tryign yo do a cart weel she never got any were she only moved an inchand at the end we never got any thing done caus e she was trying to do a cart weel so she Just coppyed what I was doing and people made comments about it they were saying I was doing it the best cool or wat any ways have u herd jade goody is gonna die i feel so sorry 4 her and her children and her husbend I herd he wont take her money oo wat if she dies on my b day march 27 oo or my party day march 28 aa o and jade goody only got famous cause she was on big brother den she cussed this indian womon and went to there country and said sorry how un cool oh ya and wen ur making my comments dont swear i think i will make a comment my self on this by den oo and if u r a boy at the age of 11 or 12 13 14 and u need a girl ill be waiting.bye.

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this is me the person who wrote the story I think it was good telling u stuff as if I no u