You Mean Not Everyone Is...

I have always loved to draw, paint, make music, and just create things. I just always thought that everyone was drawing in there spare time and liked to play music and make things. I can't imagine not making things my own by putting something that marked it as mine. I have met people that don't like turning on the radio when they are in the car or people that aren't interested in  art and design type things. I guess there is nothing wrong with people that just conform and let the store decide what they should wear or everything in their lives just fits into a certain box that they can fit on a shelf. The furniture in their house is the same as the picture in the catalog they picked it from. I am definitely not one of those people... I have to have paintings on the wall that me or my husband or son made. Even if it is not some great piece of modern art or in an expensive frame, it makes my house mine. Most of my paintings on the wall aren't even framed at all. Its hard to imagine not being passionate about life and art it almost makes you crazy, but not in a bad way. It is that good kind of crazy that gets people to find the passion in life that drives them to keep standing up to get out of bed and do the things that make life worth living. So this leaves me with a question for the people who are not passionate about ar,t music, and life in general.... What drives you? what gets you out of bed in the morning? Going to starbuck's every morning on your way to your office job and running the same rat race as everyone else that wears the same black suit to work that you do, is this what you live for? Is that your passion? Or do aspire to something greater than that? What are you waiting for? IF you are waiting to have enough money to do the things you love than you are waisting your time. You will never have enough money it is the human condition to be insatiable and it is what drives us all to do and be better. Why not be insatiable about something with more substance than money? Money is such an easy thing to want.
aprilriver aprilriver
31-35, F
Aug 11, 2010