Any Creative/clever/out-of-the-box Ideas??

For school, we're doing this project where we have to create a tree, two dimensional or three dimensional, in any way shape or form that describes you as a person. I'm wanting clever and unique out-of-the-box-as-it-gets ideas of what to do for it, something nobody else would do or imagine to do or even dream or think to do. Any ideas? (I'm a high-school Freshman and it's due next week...) THANKS!!
snollygoster snollygoster
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Maybe make it out of yarn glued to a background of your choice. Tons of colors and textures to choose from; you could even include "fruit" in the form of buttons or other charms.

Or you could collage a tree out of images/quotes that mean something to you; print them out and cut-paste in whatever form you like.

Hope that helped!