Being Creative and Teaching Creativity Is a Joy

Doing something artistic has always been a joy to me. The older I get the more I find that there are so many things that I would love to try given the tools to do so.  One of my goals is to leave my kids and grandkids something to remember me by.  So far the grandkids have done a "Name it and claim it" on many of my things. LOL  That is fine with me as I am pleased to know that someone actually wants to keep my "stuff" as a memory associated with me.  Back to the artistic stuff, doing ceramics is a fun thing for me. I love painting greenware and giving the bowls some of a touch of Italian style art.  I learned as a child that my grandfather in Italy did pottery and all his work was  done by hand and each a one of a kind vase, pot or espresso cup set etc etc.  I have some pieces of his work. I love to show friends his work every chance I get. In doing my own  ceramics I have noticed that my painting is very similar to his and my uncle's work too.  The saying that "it's in the blood" sure holds true here and brings that saying to light often when work that is done is compared.

Doing Floral Designs  is one or the things  enjoy, Wreaths are also one of my fun things to do, Holidays are fun for me as I do many and love to have my own unique front door wreath. I often make them for friends and our church, they are wonderful was to give a gift no matter the occasion as making them to fit the occasion is one idea that can "take off" another is to make your gift to fit your friend's personality. The ideas can flow from there it is an awesome way to get to know your friend better and show them you care about them.

When living in Tennessee there was a class advertised for  a Donna Dewberry  style painting, so I signed up for it, It was a neat class to take and helped me to expand my work so I could do murals easier. So maybe one day soon I will do a mural of Venice in my dinning room... we shall see.   Will add more to this later as I do have a list of things I enjoy and can comment on.  Now that I have shared some of my interests... what are yours??      note from me: the picture is of me teaching my 5 yr old granddaughter how to decorate a wreath!

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Love Venice, that would be neat