I See How The Group Has Not Even A Single Story.

The arian is a immaginary "race", immaginary like the whole "race" thing.
I think this is one of the most stupid things in the world, and the fact that things like that are still considerated shows how stupid the humanity is not to understand or at least trying to understand our errors. so **** racism, fascism and the arian thing.

CrookedMat CrookedMat
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I agree. Aryan came from India and the Middle East (Iran-land of Aryan's). Though Europeans have Aryan ancestry, it is mostly Southern Europeans (Greek and Italian). Since they are the descendants of Middle East. Also the swastika is a Hindu and Buddhist symbol of peace and has also been used by christians through history.

I know. I wanted to hijack this group, but I thought better of it. Some dummy a long time ago took the word "Aryan", and decided to use it as a title for the supposed, 'pure' race of the Nordic people. The word doesn't even have anything to do with the Nordic people. It means 'noble' and it came from India. How Ironic that a Sanskrit word could be stolen and used by disturbed people. I'm proud of my Icelandic, Irish, German and Native American heritage, but the word, "Aryan' has been stolen and drug through the swamp of human stupidity until it's no longer of any use to anyone except bald headed racist idiots covered with prison tattoos (forgive the hyperbole) , who think they can bring back the National Socialist Movement.

I wish the whole world knew.